Thai Amulets – Way to Fortune

In this world where technology has gripped its roots into the very base of our day-to-day life, it is very much obvious that most of the problems that we face have no solution. This happens when you try to find a solution to your problem by using your logic and facts available. But some things can’t be solved simply by using such rational tools, instead one should take refugee of the unseen.

In Thai life, the religion practiced there (i.e. Buddhism) is accompanied by a series of multiple faiths, beliefs, and cultures where one of it is the use of Amulets. Amulets (Thai Buddha Amulet or Talisman as is referred by others) is either man-made or occurs naturally. These are believed to contain special powers that help its user to be away from misfortune and bringing good fortune in his/her life. These amulets are normally carried or are kept at a place which is designated to influence its surrounding positively. The Thai people use amulets for such purposes which have been followed for centuries.

These Thai Amulets were first used by the Thai people and later soon were used by others as more and more people started to know about it. Others too felt and noticed what the Thai people felt after using such amulets which later added more value to its use thereby making it more popular which led to an increase in its demand from all over the globe. Some received positive outcomes by its use, some experienced a spiritual uplift whereas others felt nothing but immense peace.

Most of these amulets are given in the Buddhist temples whereas certain markets function as for exporting it outside the country. These amulets are available in a wide range where each amulet provides a certain function to its users. Below we are going to see some of the amulets.

  • Phra Pidta Na Ta Na- LP Toh pidta is a collection of amulets which are contained a box. Stories say that a miracle took place regarding this. A fire took place at the alter caused by fallen candles, but the flames soon stopped as it reached the box. This incident was widely spread by those who noticed it when the miracle took place.
  • Rian Roon Chanajon – The word Chanajon out here means victory over poverty which clearly says what it is used for.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many such Thai Amulets to be found where each has its function and a story associated with it where the user can obtain it based on his/her requirements.