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Kegel Exercise For Strong PC Muscle

Kegel exercise was discovered by Dr. Kegel. This exercise was particularly for those women who are suffering with urinary disorders and postpartum problems. Dr. Kegel discovered that the reason for women suffering with urinary disorders is pelvic floor muscles. Thus, if the pelvic floor muscles got strengthened through some ways, women no need to suffer with such disorders. Thus, Dr. Kegel discovered some exercise that will strengthen pelvic floor muscles for sure and named as Kegel exercises.

how to do kegel exercise for femaleStrengthening your Pelvic floor muscles are very crucial, as it supports many organs such as uterus, urinary bladder, urethra and rectum. Pelvic floor muscles also known as Pubococcygeal muscle (PC). It is extremely important to build up the strength of your PC muscle, as it is accountable for the health of your pelvic region.

There are two types of kegel exercise that you should perform such as fast twitch muscle exercise and slow twitch muscle exercise. As name indicates fast twitch exercise involves short contractions and expansions of fast twitch muscles. And, quite contract to that slow twitch muscle exercise involves long contractions and releases of slow twitch muscles.

When you are doing kegel exercises, what are the benefits you could achieve from that? The first benefit is that you won’t feel sudden sensation of urine and you will have control over it. If you are pregnant women, it will help you for normal delivery with less labor pain. After delivery, there will be quick healing of those birth canal and other pelvic parts. Even after giving birth, you won’t feel the problem of urinary or fecal incontinence.

Some women want to get the result soon from kegel exercises, and those women can try for kegel exercisers like kegel weights, vaginal balls etc. When they use kegel tools, there is a chance of attaining result soon.

Kegel exercises are easy to do. When you go to the toilet, try stop urinating and it in for as long as possible. Then let go and begin urinating again. Repeat this exercise no less than 5 times. Kegel exercises can be done anytime of the day and can be done absolutely anywhere. No one can tell that you are doing them as the kegel is an internal muscle and can be done at school, work or even in the car. Thus, do regularly kegel exercise to keep your PC muscles strong.


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