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Different Faces Of Love

Love means having deep and warm feelings on a special person. There are different faces of love exists and let us discuss about those faces of love.


This kind of love involves loving oneself, believing in and knowing oneself. You love yourself before you love others and you expect others to love you. Selfishness won’t be there in such type of love.

Friendship Love:

This type of love exists between friends who like one another. They will have good understanding and share their feelings with each other. This type of love requires sharing, caring, closeness, intimacy, understanding and communication. They will help each other when they face difficult situation.

Comfortable Love:

can relationship last without intimacyThis kind of love exists between parents and children. Parents show their real love to their children and take care. Children depends on their parents and parents will have a strong level of commitment, loyalty towards children. This type of love mainly involves caring and Showing concern.

Romantic Love:

This type of love generates powerful feelings. Romantic love is a deep emotional, sexual and spiritual recognition and regard for the value of other person and relationship. In romantic love, people will feel intimacy between each other. People will experience love during adolescence or early adulthood.


People get love at first sight due to physical attraction. This type of love is said to be infatuation. Due to frequent quarrels and arguments, this kind of love ends soon between a couple. Emotions and feelings fluctuate in this kind of relationship. This kind of love ends in creating a depression and pain at oneself. Friends and people around usually disapprove of this type of relationship. Absence of one partner or distance between the two partners usually means the end of the relationship.

Complete Love:

This type of love is a true love and it lasts long. But this love takes time to develop. It is difficult to achieve this kind of love, but once achieved in life it will last long. This type of love requires commitment, intimacy and passion. But, to increase intimacy, aphrodisiac like spanish fly can be used.

Sexual passion and romantic attraction are often mistaken as love. The true love involves understanding, caring, showing real affection and forgiving their mistakes. The way to marriage life happiness starts from the time when young people decide that they are ready for marriage and ready to handle all situations that they face after marriage.

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