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Across the Seas: Why Is a Cruise worth It?

One of the dream trips that people tend to have is to go on a luxury cruise. Today, we wanted to see why a cruise would be worth it.

What is a Cruise?

Usually, a cruise is a large passenger ship. It is normally outfitted with various entertainment features for guests. Luxury cruises tend to last from a few weeks to even a couple of months—depending on what sort of cruise you sign up for.

Is It Worth It?

If you’re going to determine the worth of a cruise, it would be important to see what you get out of it. In our experience, here are a few things that you can get:

Several Destinations with One Ticket

A cruise that lasts for a few weeks tends to have several docking points—normally spanning different destinations. So if you’re looking to get the most out of the money that you’re spending, a cruise would be a good option.

c2 - Across the Seas: Why Is a Cruise worth It?

Delicious Food

Cruises are often well-known for the food that the chefs prepare. It doesn’t matter if you’re eating at the food hall or at one of the many other options that they have aboard, every single meal is a culinary discovery.

There are a lot of people who actually make it a point to join cruises simply for the food. If you go on a cruise, be sure to take note of the food hall schedule. Usually, they’ll have one particular night dedicated to lobster!

Unique Experiences

Anyone who has been on a cruise will tell you that they will always experience something different for each cruise that they’ve been on. They could choose to stay holed up in their room or stay on the ship or even alight during one of the docking stations—each experience will give you something different.

One of the reasons why people keep going back to cruises that they’ve already been on is to experience something that they decided to ignore the first time around. Did we mention that they have shows aboard too? So you can really partake of different things each time.

Before You Pack Your Bags

Always do your research. Consider where you are presently and what sorts of cruises are available in your area. If there aren’t any reputable cruises near you, you may want to consider going to a place where they are available and see how much that would set you back or what leg of the journey you’ll be able to catch.

Have you ever been to a cruise? Would you say that it’s worth it?

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h3 - The Great Accommodation Debate: What Choices Are Available? Accommodation Travel 

The Great Accommodation Debate: What Choices Are Available?

When you travel or are planning to go to travel, one of the important details that you should really plan would be where you are going to stay while you’re traveling. For anyone that wanted to travel around several decades ago, the choices would be very simple: hotel or staying with a friend. Thankfully, things are no longer as linear.

Today, we wanted to have a discussion regarding the different accommodations that is now available for travelers all over the world.


Don’t let the gore-filled film series throw you off. Hostels around the world have now elevated their services and usually target backpackers and budget travelers. Hostels are like dorms, in a sense, that you’re paying for your bed or the room that is assigned to you.

They are often a lot more affordable than a hotel stay and provide a great environment to really meet like-minded travelers.

h2 - The Great Accommodation Debate: What Choices Are Available?


If you don’t mind spending a shiny penny on your accommodations, hotels are always at the top of the list. This is due to the fact that hotels are made to provide travelers with a high quality space to rest.

Their premises are often high class and secure so you won’t have to worry about your belongings as you go out and explore the local sights. The trouble with hotels is that if there is no hotel in the place you’re looking to visit as they tend to be in highly commercialized areas.

Accommodation Apps

There are now apps which help travelers find accommodations like Airbnb. They pair up travelers with home owners that would like to earn a little extra by leasing out their property. This completely opened up the options for travelers.

Now, places without hotels became viable options for travel.

h1 - The Great Accommodation Debate: What Choices Are Available?

Bed and Breakfasts

Much like a hotel yes smaller in scale—but don’t let this fool you into thinking that their quality is significantly less. Smaller bed and breakfasts have the benefit of being a lot more private as more people tend to go for Airbnb, hostels, and hotels.

Those that stay with bed and breakfasts all tell about a homey experience and even a lovely chat with the couple that run the place.

Before You Pack Your Bags

We hope that you’ve already sorted out where you’re going to stay. What we really appreciate about traveling nowadays is that the choices are no longer so limited. Depending on the sort of experience that you want to have, you can choose an accommodation option to align with that.

What sort of travel experience do you want to have? What sort of accommodation choice would you gravitate toward?

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y1 - Four Travel Safety Tips Every Traveler Must Know Safety Tips 

Four Travel Safety Tips Every Traveler Must Know

Going on a trip can be a really exhilarating time in anyone’s life. You get to go to somewhere new and experience new things and it’s all great until you realize that you might be putting your safety in jeopardy.

Today, we wanted to discuss some crucial travel safety tips that anyone who is every planning on traveling needs to know. Let’s get started:

y3 - Four Travel Safety Tips Every Traveler Must Know

Never Use Public Internet

The need to always be connected can be fairly strong especially when you’re in a foreign location. There are a lot of mobile apps which will require internet connection that can help any traveler sort out where they are and gather their bearings.

Since roaming charges can really be expensive, a lot of people tend to use any public networks available. This is a big mistake. It is fairly easy for anyone to set up a public network and gain access to your information once you are connected. In fact, this is one of the older tricks of hackers.

Keep Social Media Accounts Private

In today’s world, it is pretty normal for people to post information online. We tend to tag people we are with or even “check in” the location that we are presently at. If you account is private, your information can only be seen by those in your friend list.

If your account is public, anyone who searches for the information that you’ve provided (like a hashtag or a location) will see your post pop up as a result. This can make it very easy for criminal elements to locate you and target you specifically. As for back home, if criminal elements know you aren’t there, they can use that information and target your house for burglary.

y2 - Four Travel Safety Tips Every Traveler Must Know

Be Wary of Strangers

If we were all in an ideal world, we would never have to be wary of strangers. However, films like Taken make it very clear that kind and friendly people that you meet may not be what they seem to be. If there is someone who seemingly pops up wherever you are and tries to actively engage you, be wary.

Don’t set yourself up to be the latest mark in their modus.

Inform Loved Ones or Friends of Travel Trips and Information

If you are going to travel—whether locally or abroad—it is very important that you inform trusted persons about it. Before you leave, make sure that someone you trust knows about where you’re going, who you are going with, and when you should be back.

y4 - Four Travel Safety Tips Every Traveler Must Know

If you haven’t been making this a habit, you should. This way if you ever get into an accident or don’t show up when you’re supposed to, there will be people who will be looking for you.

Before You Pack Your Bags

It would be important for you to be aware of how you can really secure yourself (or people you’re with) while you’re traveling. After all, the last thing you would want is to not enjoy the vacation you set your heart on because you’ve been the victim of petty crime. Traveling is one way to really explore yourself and the world around you so it would be important for you to make sure that you’re safe while you’re doing that.

What travel safety tips do you adhere to when you’re off traveling?

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t1 - Local VS Abroad: Which Should You Prioritize? Tips Travel 

Local VS Abroad: Which Should You Prioritize?

When you’re thinking about traveling, it can be a tricky point in time given that we have a myriad of choices. There are so many places that one could realistically choose to visit. Ultimately, the choice boils down to two paths: Local or Abroad?

Each one will have their own charms and this is a question that we, ourselves, have wrestled with from time to time. To help you with your own choice, here are a few questions you can ask yourself to help choose between the two:

t2 - Local VS Abroad: Which Should You Prioritize?

How Much Free Time Do You Have?

Not everyone has a lot of time set aside for traveling. Traveling abroad will need at least 4-5 days dedicated to it. After all, setting aside a minimum of 48 hours for travel to and fro two countries—more if the distance is further!

If you don’t have a lot of time allotted for your vacation or your trip, you will need to look toward something a bit more local where there travel time can be compartmentalized to around half a day or even one full day.

What’s Your Budget?

Budget is an ever important factor in what your choices will be. If your budget is going to allow you to be able to visit another country and not be in debt, you should pursue it. If your budget is looking like something that will only be suitable for a local trip, you should go with that instead.

t3 - Local VS Abroad: Which Should You Prioritize?

There have been too many people who land themselves in debt simply to have “experiences” that set them apart from others.

Before You Pack Your Bags

We cannot overstate how important it is to be very firm in your decision about the place that you’re traveling to. That way, you won’t get distracted with other areas that you think you might want to go to instead. When traveling or planning to travel, it is important to keep the location in focus as it will dictate so many other things about your plans.

If you were given the choice, would you choose to travel abroad or something more local?

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trtavel3 - Making the First Step: How to Get Started on Your First Trip Tips Travel 

Making the First Step: How to Get Started on Your First Trip

One of the greatest privileges that we have to date is the freedom to travel to a wide array of locations. The words “travel goals” have been the mantra of people as of late so it’s important to know where to start.

Today, we wanted to get you started with some tips on how to get ready for your first trip!

Pick a Place

Of course, in order to get your plans started, you need to determine the specific place that you’ll be going to. Are you going somewhere far? Are you going someplace relatively nearby? Are you looking to travel abroad? Are you aiming to visit something localized?

travel - Making the First Step: How to Get Started on Your First Trip

All these questions can help you narrow down your choice. Having a clear choice at the start can help you materialize and shape your plans better. Picking a place should also help to give you an idea of who can come and what sort of things you should bring.

Do Research

Once you’ve chosen a place, the next step is to find out more about the place. If you’ve decided to visit a city abroad, it would be important to find out any visa requirements or any other requirements like proof of income or any tax forms—yes, some places are really strict about that stuff.

It would be important to really see if the location you’ve chosen is viable or which time of year would be best for your travel. Never discount the wealth of information that you can obtain by doing your own research instead of just going with the information that tourism blogs provide for you.

travle2 - Making the First Step: How to Get Started on Your First Trip

Before You Pack Your Bags

It would be highly important for you to at least tick off the two things that we’ve mentioned off of your to-do list. Traveling is a highly exciting time and it can be quite easy to be distracted or to forget little details over all the excitement. We hope that the two tips we’ve given can help keep things in perspective and get you firmly started on your trip planning.

How do you get started on your trips?

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