The Great Accommodation Debate: What Choices Are Available?

When you travel or are planning to go to travel, one of the important details that you should really plan would be where you are going to stay while you’re traveling. For anyone that wanted to travel around several decades ago, the choices would be very simple: hotel or staying with a friend. Thankfully, things are no longer as linear.

Today, we wanted to have a discussion regarding the different accommodations that is now available for travelers all over the world.


Don’t let the gore-filled film series throw you off. Hostels around the world have now elevated their services and usually target backpackers and budget travelers. Hostels are like dorms, in a sense, that you’re paying for your bed or the room that is assigned to you.

They are often a lot more affordable than a hotel stay and provide a great environment to really meet like-minded travelers.

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If you don’t mind spending a shiny penny on your accommodations, hotels are always at the top of the list. This is due to the fact that hotels are made to provide travelers with a high quality space to rest.

Their premises are often high class and secure so you won’t have to worry about your belongings as you go out and explore the local sights. The trouble with hotels is that if there is no hotel in the place you’re looking to visit as they tend to be in highly commercialized areas.

Accommodation Apps

There are now apps which help travelers find accommodations like Airbnb. They pair up travelers with home owners that would like to earn a little extra by leasing out their property. This completely opened up the options for travelers.

Now, places without hotels became viable options for travel.

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Bed and Breakfasts

Much like a hotel yes smaller in scale—but don’t let this fool you into thinking that their quality is significantly less. Smaller bed and breakfasts have the benefit of being a lot more private as more people tend to go for Airbnb, hostels, and hotels.

Those that stay with bed and breakfasts all tell about a homey experience and even a lovely chat with the couple that run the place.

Before You Pack Your Bags

We hope that you’ve already sorted out where you’re going to stay. What we really appreciate about traveling nowadays is that the choices are no longer so limited. Depending on the sort of experience that you want to have, you can choose an accommodation option to align with that.

What sort of travel experience do you want to have? What sort of accommodation choice would you gravitate toward?

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