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Join Neil Nickerson & his 5-Star Crew as you Cruise the Alaskan Seas in Luxury with Gourmet Food, Nature, Fishing and the Promise of Adventure around every Breathtaking corner.


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The Caledonia Experience

Nothing matches the freedom, utmost luxury, and comfort than a private Alaskan Yacht Charter. Explore untouched beaches.  Have unparalleled access to whales, wildlife, and the best sites for glacier viewing or fishing.  Complete your birding list or photographers dream. There is no better way to share intimate travel moments with your family and friends than on a 95 ft private Alaskan luxury yacht.  Cruising the less traveled & uninhabited waterways of the Inside Passage is unparalleled for the impact it will make on your life. All four staterooms have their own luxurious bathroom.  This Super-Yacht has stabilizers that minimize ocean motion.  Relax in the sunroom or roof top deck.  Take off and explore with Caly (the 30 ft. fishing tender to The Caledonia).

Charter Schedule

See our schedule to choose from our variety of luxury offerings and to check availability, we’re sure you’ll be delighted that you booked your Alaska yacht charter vacation with us.

Adventures & More...

See Glaciers & Icebergs up close.  Watch Bears, Eagles, Whales, Otters & Incomparable Vistas.  Catch your own Salmon, Enjoy Gourmet food, Go Hiking, Visit Natural Hot Springs, Waterfalls & More…


"My fiance and I loved watching the sunset over the glacial-blue waters every night, though the rooftop jacuzzi was our favorite spot!  We were able to watch for whales, stargaze and admire the wild nature surrounding us all while staying warm and toasty, enjoying each other's company.  The crew always made sure to point out when we were passing something special so we were sure to never miss a beat :)"

Brittany & Drew

"Captain Bob and the crew of the Caledonia provided an exceptional experience for our family trip to Alaska.  The yacht accommodations were first class, the food was fresh and delicious, the scenery was breath-taking, and the crew was warm and engaging.  The fishing trips, shore excursions, and abundance of wildlife (king salmon, halibut, sea otters, breaching whales, bald eagles, and even an Alaskan brown bear encounter) made our stay on the Caledonia a once in a lifetime adventure."
Tom and Dayna Arnold

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Explore Alaska’s Inside Passage

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