Imagine seeing a Whale breaching 50 yards from where you stand. Or an Alaskan Grizzly stalking the shoreline, or an Orca swimming by the Yacht.

When you join us on one of our Alaska charters it will include whale watching, fishing, and walks in the Alaskan Forests..



Forget the stress that so easily engulf us.  Remember you’re really here in one of the most beautiful places on earth. You’re really here!  

Experiencing a private yacht charter in Alaska is a thrill you will never forget!


Why Choose Us?

What better way is there to experience intimate travel moments with your family or a group of close friends than on a private yacht charter cruising the less traveled and uninhabited waterways of the Inside Passage.

If you like to be pampered, consider the level of personal service offered onboard the M/Y Caledonia. The ship has ample space for 4-8 guests in separate state rooms and 4/5 crew members who will attend to your every need.

It really is no more expensive to charter a private yacht than it is to book a cabin on a mega-cruise ship where you will “experience Alaska” or other ports of call with two thousand strangers. Only, in our case, the price you pay includes things the larger cruise lines don’t offer or only offer at an additional price.

Often, what makes a trip especially memorable are opportunities to interact with local people and see the place you are visiting through their eyes. Aboard the Caledonia, you will be living with real Alaskans for the entire week, hearing their stories and sharing new experiences with them.

M/V Caledonia is a modern steel ship with an interior totally remodeled in 2001. She has four fully heated staterooms each with a separate ensuite head and viewing ports. Our recent refurbishments include new granite showers and countertops with highly polished imported stainless steel sinks, new bedspreads and towel bars, a new hot water heater and re-varnished and newly wall-papered interior. Other important amenities include the 35 gallon per hour water-maker which produces plenty of fresh water for showers after a hard day at the beach or fishing.

What do you want to do? in our 28′tender – Fishing, Sightseeing, Exploring, Whale Watching?


M.A & M.F.
I’ve been trying to figure out who would not enjoy this trip and I’ve finally got it, Our friends and relatives who will have to listen to us brag about it for years to come. On the other hand, you would only enjoy it if you liked laughs, sunshine everyday, whales, bears, eagles, glaciers, sunsets, more laughs, mountain goats(“see that little white spot?) and Sam. Or if you enjoyed dining on fresh Cohos and Kings, Trout and Flounder,Sea Bass and Halibut……I think even the bacon and eggs, sausage and potatoes were freshly caught…..and COOOOKIES, Dr Atkins, take us away!

Thanks to everyone of you for delivering such an unforgettable week.